Saturday, March 14, 2009

local scenery

well, I've never tried to post so many photos in one blog entry. Thank you to the visitor commenting on the Giles Hollow Road post. Here's some more local scenery photos. These were all taken on the same little scooter ride in May 2008. The two photos with the bright yellow fields were taken on Giles Hollow Road.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fire near White Rocks

Got out and about today on my scooter. Sure enjoyed touring around the backroads. Went all the way out to the river in Hancock County TN. Here's a photo from my scooter ride, back in western Lee County. There were some forest fires on the mountain, but last I heard they don't seem to be spreading.

warm and sunny

The whole community and countrysides were out and about in the yards and gardens and anywhere outdoors today. It must have hit 70 degrees. Warm and sunny! Here's the last crocus photo for the year.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

snow and Spring

Weather has been a big topic in Rose Hill this week. We woke to snow on the ground on Monday morning. The temperature was going down below 10 degrees earlier this week, making for some very cold nights. School was closed on Monday and then on 2-hour delay on Tuesday. The forecasters say it will be way up near 70 degrees over the weekend. Could there be a little scooter-riding weather spot in there soon?? The first photo in this post was taken on Monday. The second photo was taken today. It's the same little bunch of crocus in both photos, just outside my back door. They sure are a bright and cheerful sight today!