Monday, May 26, 2008

a panoramic view

I'd need a different camera to even begin to capture some of the wide panoramic views around here. I'm getting more and more comfortable with riding alone, and I'm venturing out beyond my usual little route. Yesterday I headed out Old Nursery Road a ways and then veered off onto Wilson View Road. I came up over the hill, and WOW!! What a view! I don't know who the Wilsons are, but they've got SOME view! I can't wait to get back out on that road. Actually, the weather forecast is looking pretty good for awhile yet. okay, enough photo posts for today.

wild geraniums

I was surprised that the wild geraniums are STILL blooming. The wild columbine are about gone now for the season. Honeysuckle has burst forth. That sweet smell of honeysuckle is wonderfully intoxicating. Just driving down the road, it pops up and really catches you.

local agriculture traditions continue

Lots of farmers were either cutting hay or baling hay this week. Looks like tobacco in the front too. I know the whole tobacco industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, but there's still folks growing tobacco.

On Giles Hollow Road

Now we've circled around from Martins Creek Road and we're out on Giles Hollow Road. Instead of the cozy valley feeling, now there's rolling hills with the mountains visible off in the distance. Although this one ain't too little, I've seen lots of cute little calves, even a baby horse (is the correct term a foal?), and even baby sheep. Springtime is a time of celebrating life itself, a fresh renewal.

fishing, a family affair

Looks like a father-daughter team to me. Yep, fishing in Martins Creek. How did you guess?

fishing opportunities

This is posted along Martins Creek. I'd heard that they stock that creek and I've seen folks fishing there before. These posters have convinced me that they're catching fish there. I think I might take up fishing, just to have an excuse to sit out there on the bank for hours on end. Not sure what I'd do if I actually caught a fish though. I wouldn't know how to get it off the hook.

cozy valley tour

There's just something special about being nestled amongst the rocks and ferns when everything is so green and bursting forth with life.

Scooterin again

I've been out scooterin' again. The weather has been WONDERFUL for several days in a row. Here's a view from along Martins Creek Road. It's so luscious down in the valley along the creek, downright cozy feeling.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rose Hill's new ball field

The new ball field is located on the grounds of Rose Hill Elementary school. The fence, the dugouts, the announcer's box, the lights, the concession stand -- all these things are pretty new. Folks, those little league baseball games can be quite fun and entertaining. Most of the fans know each other, and it turns into not only a sporting event (even little league is taken quite seriously at times), but also a wonderful social gathering. The local volunteers that run Western Lee Little League are very dedicated. I know it's been a great experience for my youngins.

View from the trail

Here's a photo taken from along the downtown Rose Hill trail. That's the library, the white building in the center of the photo. The woodsy portion of the trail feels cozy and secluded, and then viola! as soon as you emerge from the woods - there's one of those stunning views of those long, majestic mountains.

downtown Rose Hill trail

Rose Hill has a nifty trail running parallel to "Main Street" (old Highway 58). It runs all the way from the East end of town, starting at Martins Creek Road and continuing through town over to O'Dells Furniture. I am particularly fond of the trail because I walk to the end of my back yard, and viola! I'm on the trail. I know cities like Bristol and Kingsport are working to create or improve similar downtown trails, although I believe those trails tend to follow along beside a creek. I see an occasional pedestrian. More frequently you'll see someone using it to get their 4-wheeler across town. As I understand it, this trail was a road, once upon a time. I tend to view it as a hidden Rose Hill asset. Lately, I've used the trail for walking a friend's dog. My kids ride their various two-wheel toys and bikes on that trail. There's one section of the trail that crosses Lawson's Building Supply yard. I've recently learned that crossing through the Lawson's section during normal business hours means you may be dodging cement trucks, but it appears to quiet down perhaps during lunch hour. Great trivia for someone wanting to walk a skittish dog through that section. Cross at 11:30AM and you're likely dodging busy cement trucks. Wait until just 12 noon, and all is quiet. I know Lawson's is moving a significant portion of their business over to some land along the 4-lane. They must sell one heckuva buncha Kubotas, since there's a vast inventory on their property, which seems to be constantly turning over - certainly not old stuff with grass growing up around it. I see people looking at the various equipment purchase opportunities even in the evenings after closing time. It's kinda like how when you're driving through Kingsport past a car dealership and even though it's after hours, folks are still out there looking over various cars on the lot. Anyway, except for the section crossing Lawsons which can be quite congested during business hours, it's a beautiful, quiet little mostly woodsy trail. okay, so it was one of Rose Hill's best kept secrets, a wonderful asset, and now I've spilled the beans. See ya on the trail!