Wednesday, May 7, 2008

downtown Rose Hill trail

Rose Hill has a nifty trail running parallel to "Main Street" (old Highway 58). It runs all the way from the East end of town, starting at Martins Creek Road and continuing through town over to O'Dells Furniture. I am particularly fond of the trail because I walk to the end of my back yard, and viola! I'm on the trail. I know cities like Bristol and Kingsport are working to create or improve similar downtown trails, although I believe those trails tend to follow along beside a creek. I see an occasional pedestrian. More frequently you'll see someone using it to get their 4-wheeler across town. As I understand it, this trail was a road, once upon a time. I tend to view it as a hidden Rose Hill asset. Lately, I've used the trail for walking a friend's dog. My kids ride their various two-wheel toys and bikes on that trail. There's one section of the trail that crosses Lawson's Building Supply yard. I've recently learned that crossing through the Lawson's section during normal business hours means you may be dodging cement trucks, but it appears to quiet down perhaps during lunch hour. Great trivia for someone wanting to walk a skittish dog through that section. Cross at 11:30AM and you're likely dodging busy cement trucks. Wait until just 12 noon, and all is quiet. I know Lawson's is moving a significant portion of their business over to some land along the 4-lane. They must sell one heckuva buncha Kubotas, since there's a vast inventory on their property, which seems to be constantly turning over - certainly not old stuff with grass growing up around it. I see people looking at the various equipment purchase opportunities even in the evenings after closing time. It's kinda like how when you're driving through Kingsport past a car dealership and even though it's after hours, folks are still out there looking over various cars on the lot. Anyway, except for the section crossing Lawsons which can be quite congested during business hours, it's a beautiful, quiet little mostly woodsy trail. okay, so it was one of Rose Hill's best kept secrets, a wonderful asset, and now I've spilled the beans. See ya on the trail!

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