Thursday, April 24, 2008

a friendly deer

I had me a local scooter tour guide/ fellow scooterer along today, so I got to ride beyond my little usual familiar route. It's common to see deer when you're scootering on the local backroads. I wasn't surprised to see one while scootering today, but then I realized, hey, that deer is hanging out on somebody's front porch! Turns out, it thinks it's a dog. We stopped to stare at the deer. It came out to greet us in the road, walked around us a bit, and then it came right up to me and proceeded to sniff and smell me. I was hoping it wouldn't be like a goat and start munching on my clothes. I was too shocked to get a photo while we were face-to-face with about 12 inches between our noses, but I did manage to get a photo while it was walking away, just like a dog, going back to hang out on the front porch.

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