Monday, September 24, 2012

Heartwood blog features Lee County swinging bridges today

Testing, testing 1-2-3!! ;)  Hello?!  Hello?! :)  May the blogging begin!  I think blogging can be mighty fun, and I'm look forward to BLOGGING again right here from Lee County, Virginia. I am now the part-time Lee County Tourism Director.  It can be a very interesting and sometimes rather fun position.  Some days I get "paid to be a tourist" more or less, as I identify, locate, visit, photograph, and enjoy some of the delightful destinations in Lee County.  Those are the most fun days of all!  I haven't even been to half of the places here in Lee County that people have told me about yet, but I am certainly looking forward to more of those scattered days here and there, when I get to be a tourist in Lee County, Virginia.  For example, there are a dozen VDOT-maintained, public access swinging bridges in Lee County.  So far, I've been on just two of them.  They were FUN!!!  The local newspaper, Powell Valley News, took this photo of me for a newspaper story back in the Winter, and kindly sent me a copy.  And swinging bridges are the feature for today's post, both here and at Heartwood's blog.

There are lots of remarkable and visionary organizations and agencies working collaboratively to invite tourists into Lee County's stunningly scenic, authentic Appalachian adventures.  One of those visionary organizations is "Heartwood."  It is so appropriate to open up this Rose Hill blog anew, by sharing a blog post in partnership with Heartwood at where they posted my Lee County's swinging bridges blog entry today.  By the way, Beech Grove and the Powell River and that swinging bridge on Virgil Minor Road are not far from Rose Hill.  I love riding scooters out the back of Rose Hill and over into Beech Grove.  The photo above is upstream on The Powell a bit, and it's not the first photo printed/published of me "just a swingin' on bridge 666." 

Anyway, this old Rose Hill blog is kind of leftover from back when fiber-to-the-home came to our community.  It's just been left sitting here unattended for quite some time.  Now it needs a bit of dusting off, some clean up (tons of spam trash has piled up in the comments section), and fresh invigoration. ;)  testing, testing 1-2-3!

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Lee County Tourism Director
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