Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mama Possum & her babies move to downtown Rose Hill

This Mama Possum and her babies decided to move into downtown Rose Hill this week. They moved into a downtown trash can. After a photo shoot, the possums were relocated/ removed from the trash can up the hill in the countryside, where wild critters are supposed to live. Funny thing though. Next day... They came back. Somehow, Mama and her youngins were coming in and out of the trash can (without even knockin' it over, no less) at their leisure.

I'd like to tell you about the "Cosmic Possum" from here in these hills. I will. Another post, another day. Something to look forward to!

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Joan said...

I live in downtown Rose Hill and last night I had 5 raccoons up on my front porch (eating cat food). What a sight!! The wild animal visit made me remember that I said I would post about “the Cosmic Possum.” Here it is:

The term comes from a book. The book is “The Songcatcher” and it’s by Sharyn McCrumb. (I love Sharyn McCrumb books.) Here’s an excerpt (from page 275), describing a “Cosmic Possum.”

“The Cosmic Possum! It’s a wonderful term, isn’t it? I didn’t think it up. Jane Hicks, who is a poet over in east Tennessee, is the one who coined the term. Me, I just latched on to it, the way you do when you hear the truth spoken in perfect eloquence. What is a cosmic possum? Well, according to the definition of Jane Hicks herself, it’s the child who was born to the first generation out of the holler or off the ridge. Grew up in touch with those past generations who settled these mountains. As a young’un, the Possum learned the old songs, the old stories, knew how to hand-tie tobacco and kill hogs, but he did not live in that world. Grew up in town. Went to college. Now the Possum is a grown-up citizen of the world. He may eat penne pasta instead of fatback and vacation in Aruba instead of Gatlinburg; he has a stockbroker and a cell phone, but he can still tell you how to make poke salad. He lives in the modern world, but he knows what has been lost.”