Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Powell River

Here's a photo taken from on the bridge. There were fishermen floating down the river (see 'em over ther on the left?). The Powell River is a special river, mostly cuz it's one of the few that weren't dammed up by TVA. So, it retained it's biological diversity.
Here's some information from The Nature Conservancy's Clinch Valley Bioreserve: The Virginia sections of the Clinch and Powell rivers are vital to the health of the Tennessee River system because the two rivers are the system's only undammed, unspoiled headwaters. The river valleys contain more than 400 species of rare plants and animals, 22 of which are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act. The diversity is unmatch in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States.
Anyway, I'm tickled that I learned how to get to the Powell River. It's not that far away. After heading over the Powell, I wandered my way to Beech Grove. Beech Grove is another beautiful area with a cozy feeling to it, nestled amongst lots of woods. Scootering is turning out to be an excellent way for me to learn my way around these backroads. That was my plan, so I'm tickled it's working out.

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