Friday, December 19, 2008

from western Lee County to the White House

Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher selected artist Sue Crockett to decorate the 9th District's ornament for the 2008 White House Christmas Tree. White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian.
There's a wonderful feature story on the front of the Metro section of Kingsport Times News today. The headline is "Lee artist designs Christmas ornament for White House tree."
The article explains that artist Sue Crockett, a resident of Caylor (in western Lee County), drew upon her surroundings for inspiration in the art for the ornament.
Sue Crockett reported in the article, "I have one of the most charming views in the world, and barns are the center of most activity around here. So a barn was natural to the situation."
Sue Crockett and her sister were also invited to the White House to see it on display, where they were pleased to discover that it had been placed in a prominent, eye-level position on the tree in the White House. This photo of the ornament, as well as photos of all 395 ornaments on that tree, one from every congressional district across the nation, is presented on the Internet.


Aleta said...

Hi, Joan - Wow - I didn't know this about the ornament. I don't get the Kingsport Times. I live in Kyles Ford, just a stone's throw away from you. I did a search on "Tennessee" and found you. I like your blog! I invite you to come take a look at mine.

Aleta said...

The blog of interest that you may want to check out is:

Joan said...

Thank you for the comments. Yes, I checked out your blog. Really nifty! I like seeing your various handicrafts, quite impressive. And I enjoyed the photos of wild animals from your "in the forest, motion-sensored camera". I am impressed with the eco-tourism development at Kyle's Ford. My relatives were from Blackwater. I like that whole Kyle's Ford/Blackwater/Vardy area. I'll be wanting to ride my scooter out that way again when Spring hits. How did ya'll find Kyle's Ford??

Aleta said...

Hi, Joan -
We found Kyles Ford via searching the internet for homes for sale in and around northeast TN, then we would let our realtor here know which ones we wanted to see. We searched all summer of 2004, put in 7 offers and all of them failed, and we were carrying around the flyer for this one all summer but weren't sure we'd be interested. Turns out, just when we were about to give up, that we decided to look at it and fell in love with. Guess it was waiting for us! This is a really neat place to live and they are doing a great job with eco-tourism and other community projects. I just wish we could get an animal shelter in this area but maybe that'll happen down the road.
I love your idea of riding around on a scooter. My only fear is of dogs; I was attacked a year and a half ago when walking. We're going to ride our bikes this week and I'm a little nervous . . . but have to get over that fear!
Anyway, love your blog. Have a great 2009!