Sunday, February 1, 2009

Martin's Station and 138,890 visitors

Rose Hill is located at the original site of Martin's Station which was at one time the westernmost fort. Today there is a replica of Martin's Station fort down the road less than 10 miles at Wilderness Road State Park.
Wilderness Road State Park was mentioned in a Kingsport Times News article on Thursday about the 35 Virginia State Parks and their economic impact. The article explains, "Park officials reach the economic impact funding based on an average of $75 spent per overnight visitor and an average of $16 per day use visitor."
The article reports on the economic impact estimates for Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, Wilderness Road State Park in Lee County, and Southwest Virginia Museum (which actually is a state park) in Wise County. In 2008, Natural Tunnel had 158,000 visitors and a $3.2 million economic impact. Wilderness Road had 138,890 visitors and a $2.2 million impact. It's a great place, Wilderness Road State Park. Serene, set before a stunningly beautiful mountain. Buffalos live there. I've walked and biked (or you can ride your horse) parts of the trail there many times. We've had birthday parties in a park shelter there. We've had picnics there, etc.
Even though over 138,000 came to visit the park last year - it's still one of this area's best kept secrets. There's about three REALLY big reenactment events each year - when people come in from all over the country - both the reenactors and the visitors. For those weekends, the fort is back in use, running just like it once did, complete with battles between the settlers and Native Americans, who live out in the woods for the weekend. There's lots of smaller events and happenings at the park during the year too. But most the time, it is so quiet and serene with very few visitors scattered across the grounds. Warm days you'll find bunches of kids and families near the playground part. If you go, make sure to go in the visitors center and watch the free movie which runs every 20 minutes. It's a high quality film with stunning scenery. I could watch that same film many times. It's really good.
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Aleta said...

Oh good, Joan - another wonderful place to put on my list of places to visit! We have been to Natural Tunnel State Park and loved it. We even went there for their Christmas lights. Thanks for passing on this information!

Joan said...

Thanks for the post. Yes, it's a great place to visit.

Nancy Heltman said...

Virginia Tourism has a great video on Wilderness Road State Park and Martins' Station. Check it out on YouTube

Check out the Virginia State Parks blog on the opening of the museum.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if there are any male Martins that are descended from Joseph or his brother Bryce???

Anonymous said...

If there are any male descendents of Joseph or Bryce, could someone please contact me at the lost martin at aol dot com?

Keith Martin

Sydney said...

Thank you! I am doing a movie for my grandmother, Patsy Campbell, and she used to live in Rose Hill, Virginia!

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