Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rose Hill Resident Alan Crockett Honored

Rose Hill resident Alan Crockett was recently honored by the Council of Virginia Archaeologists with the Virginia Sherman Award, recognizing his outstanding achievements toward recording and protecting Lee County archaelogical resources.

I'm reading back over various related articles, including a front page story in yesterday's Powell Valley News Weekender titled "Rose Hill Resident Alan Crockett Earns Archaelogy Award" and a Kingsport Times News feature story dated December 7, 2008 titled "Archaeologists honor Lee teacher for efforts on historical preservation" and a feature article in the Kingsport Times News from June 18, 2007 titled "Indian mound in Lee may reveal secrets of the past."

What I'm learning is that it's not just one Indian mound located near here - there must be more than one, maybe even several of these, and they must be pretty old in comparison to other Indian mounds elsewhere. Personally I have a hard time trying to imagine what life was like around here in A.D. 1000 or A.D. 1600. It appears that these mounds could have been places for "ceremonial feasting," and that The Ely Mound is a special type of "temple mound," in an area that would have been a trading post, near the gap. Sounds like you could eat, worship, and go shopping - near a mound back then?! haha! ya reckon?! I see references to The Ely Mound, the Rose-Robinson Mound, the Carter Robinson Mound. Wonder how many mounds are around here??

Tom Klatka, an archaeologist for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, nominated Alan Crockett for the award explaining, "Crockett has spent a career as an educator in the Lee County schools. Because he is reserved and humble, his efforts to promote an understanding of Lee County archaeology and site protection often go unnoticed." Klatka said that Alan Crockett has continually worked with Virginia archaeologists to promote public interpretation and protection of archaeological resources.

Alan Crockett explained, "It was surprising to get this. I've been told that no one west of Charlottesville has ever been given this award, so i was really surprised, pleased, and honored to receive it. The idea of being the most outstanding amateur archaeologist in the state was surprising to me. I never expected this at all."

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Aleta said...

That is a wonderful award to give to him!
I want to find out where those Indian Mounds are. I find them fascinating!