Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rose Hill Waterfall

This photo of the Rose Hill waterfall above Blue Springs was taken last week by Rose Hill resident Kevin W. Jerrell.

Here's excerpts from his email: "I enjoy checking out the Rose Hill website from time to time, and seeing the photos in and around Lee County. Last week, I hiked up to the waterfall above Blue Springs. With the recent rains, it was really breathtaking as it cascaded over the rocks. (I was there a couple months ago, but the falls were dry because of the lack of rain). Since I was up there I have been surprised at the number of Rose Hill residents that, like myself, had lived here for years but have never been up there. Although the hike is steep in places, it only took me about one hour and a half to make the round trip (including time out to make photos going up and coming down). Anyway, I thought you might mention this little-known attraction in your blog sometime. It is definitely worth the hike. Thanks. Kevin W. Jerrell, Rose Hill, VA"

Kevin, THANK YOU for sharing the beautiful photo and "Rose Hill ecotourist info." I've not seen those falls before, but I do have a nice new pair of hiking boots. One hour and a half round trip to a waterfall sounds like a great hike to help break in those new boots.

I know where the Blue Springs sign is (near where the 4-wheelers unload) and I've seen that creek running through there. Do you just follow that creek up the mountain to get to the waterfall?? Could it be that simple??

Again, thank you for the great photo and info!


Aleta said...

Oh, Joan, thanks for sharing this! I do want to take this hike to the waterfall! I just have to be able to find it. I guess if we just went to Rose Hill and asked around, someone would know where the four wheelers park, which seems to be where you start the hike up.

Kevin W. Jerrell said...

To get to the falls, you need to go to the Blue Spring ATV parking lot at the foot of Stone Mountain in Rose Hill. Follow the road up the mountain (the creek will be on the left) until you get to the first sharp right turn in the road. Instead of taking the turn, go straight onto a trail that will follow the creek. You will cross the creek shortly up the trail. The creek will then be on your right and below you as you go up the mountain. Toward the top you will have to navigate around some trees and bushes. The trail is steep in places and the wet leaves makes it very slippery. I would use a sturdy walking stick.

Joan said...

Aleta and Kevin,
Inspired by waterfall hike thoughts, I spent part of yesterday wearing my new hiking boots, walked the trail behind my house, wore them in the house too, trying to get those new boots broke in a bit. I think me and them new boots will get along well. I think they'll also be great for when I'm out on that "two-wheeler" of mine, which was recently repaired. yeah! Between them new hiking boots and a repaired two-wheeler, I may make it back on top of that mountain yet! I see that mountain every day right out my front door calling my name... Aleta, how about we meet up here in Rose Hill and see if we can find that waterfall together?? I can post directions to where the ATVs park at Blue Springs. Kevin, thank you for the directions to the waterfall. I've got a walking stick.

Aleta said...

Kevin, thanks for the directions! Joan, that sounds like a great idea to meet and go up there together! I'm sure my husband would like that too! Let's plan it for a nice day!
I have good hiking shoes and a great walking stick!