Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more Lee County scenery

Another recent Lee County scenery photo.


Palma said...

What a treasure I have found. My parents are from Rose Hill. My father was a Scott and mother was an Osborne. I love to see the pictures of Rose Hill and the country roads. The Scott's lived on Martins Creek, my what memories the pictures bring back. Haven't been back to Rose Hill since Granddad Scott died in 1982. Keep up the blog, I'll be visiting.

Joan said...

Thank you for the comment. I'll take the the phrase "a treasure" as a real compliment. Thank you!

I live real close to Martins Creek. Sitting on my front porch (which is one of my favorite places on this planet -- I used to joke that you do "work" work for about 8 hours and housework for about 2 hours --- ALL so that you can sit on the porch for half-an-hour at the end of the day - hahaha!), anyway, when sitting on my front porch, I'm looking at Martins Creek right across the road.

Your parents are from Rose Hill. How far away from Rose Hill do you live now? More than 25 years since you've been back to Rose Hill??

Again, thanks for the nice comment.

Palma said...

Your pictures of the trail, Martin's Creek and ride to Balls Chapel and Possum Holler are beautiful! Thanks. I live in Greenbelt, MD. I have notified several of my cousins about your web site. Your picture of Martin's Creek is special. Many fond memories on the creek. Keep
snapping those pictures. I'm working on books for my children about my family. I have printed the pictures I could from your site to show them how beautiful the scenery is in and around Rose Hill.

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