Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My "2-wheeler"

Here's my "2-wheeler." I guess it might be a "dirt bike" really, but it's got REALLY wide tires. I bought it in the Spring with the goal of being able to get up that mountain I see daily from my front porch. They tell me it runs on a lawnmower engine. It ain't always easy to get up that trail. You encounter large rocks for a spell, then there's some big mudholes (where folks were having a jolly time yesterday), and finally you encounter sand. I don't understand the geological formations that created that mountain, but for some reason, there's a big stretch of mountaintop covered with sand. I'm a little sore after yesterday's venture to the top of the mountain. (They tell me I have no "shock absorbers" on my "2-wheeler." So I reckon that's why my rump feels like yes, IT was the shock absorber yesterday.) But it was WELL worth today's soreness. The local ATV club was featured in a national magazine in August. This trail was the highlight of the article. I'll post some excerpts from that article at some point, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

sure do look like a fun machine,member gal, no pain no gain. show us some of that sand

Joan said...

nifty! An ANONYMOUS comment! first one of those. How fun!

Thank you for the comment!

Yes, it is a fun machine.

Yes, I've got a photo of the sand trail. I'd post it here in this comment, but I can't figure out how - so I'll put it up in a new post on the main page.

And yes, I'll remember: no pain, no gain. I know each time I drive my 2-wheeler up that mountain, it gets easier.