Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wilderness Road Dulcimer Club

Talking about dulcimers... here's the Wilderness Road Dulcimer Club (originally the Rose Hill Dulcimer Club) playing at the Fiber Lighting event at Rose Hill Library in June. Including Rose Hill residents, the performers live in three different states (yes, that'd be VA, TN & KY).

Wilderness Road Dulcimer Club meets every Tuesday in the fellowship hall of Rose Hill Christian Church. Rose Hill Christian Church is located on "Main Street" (otherwise known as "Old Highway 58" and now, "Dr. Thomas Walker Highway," or something like that) in downtown Rose Hill.

The club WELCOMES "beginners" ("beginners," i.e., people who have never touched a dulcimer). Beginners meet at 6:00PM and then the full club meets at 7:00PM. There is no membership fee nor admission fee. It's free! And again, I probably can't emphasize this enough, they will TEACH you how to play the dulcimer.

Except for the husband/wife team in the front (Pam & Terry Lewis of Ewing VA - who perform and teach dulcimer all over the country), the other performers were beginners not long ago. The dulcimer is very easy to learn (if you can count to 10, you can master the dulcimer's fretboard). You'll be successfully playing "Bile That Cabbage Down" before you leave your first lesson. Really!!

You don't even have to own a dulcimer. The club has a few modest loaners, so that you can try it out before you invest in a dulcimer. Dulcimers, by the way, really aren't that expensive either. You can find a good deal on a quality instrument in downtown Rose Hill's "Hidden Holler General Store."

okay, so enough about dulcimers for now. I want to show you two Lee County photos I took over the weekend.