Sunday, November 9, 2008

unofficial vote count

On Wednesday, November 5, 2008, the Powell Valley News printed the following "Unofficial Returns -- Lee County General Election -- November 4, 2008."

It appears to this reader that there are five voting districts in Lee County, and each of them have 3-5 "subdistricts." For example, District 1 has three "subdistricts": Elydale, Ewing, and Rose Hill. okay, now looking at my Voter Registration Card, the correct term for these "subdistricts" is precincts.

So, here's the unofficial vote counts for the Rose Hill precinct:

Obama - 272
McCain - 525
Baldwin - 2
Barr - 4
McKinney - 2
Nader - 6

U.S. Senator:
Warner - 455
Gilmore - 320
Parker - 11
Redpath - 0

U.S. Delegate:
Boucher - 632

Accordingly in the Rose Hill precinct, a total of 811 votes were cast for President; 786 votes were cast for Senator; and 632 votes were cast for Delegate.

It appears (assuming on my part that every person who voted, DID cast a ballot in the presidential election - which may not be the case) that over 77% of ALL the Rose Hill precinct folks (regardless of any political party affiliations)who showed up to vote at the elementary school on Tuesday, cast a vote of support for Congressman Rick C. Boucher.

While I was attending grad school in NC once upon a time, my political science professor reported in class that our Congressman Boucher was leading the nation in bringing telecommunications to rural America. I know he helped get broadband to Rose Hill and I am certainly tickled pink to have it here!! Makes a world of difference to me and many others around me.

Other unofficial vote counts -- Looking at the county as a whole, Warner beat Gilmore in every single precinct.

McCain beat Obama in 16 of the 19 precincts. The three precincts where Obama won were St. Charles, Stone Creek, and Keokee. Am I just imagining things (as a Lee County newcomer), or might those three precincts be considered as Lee County's "coalfield" precincts? Who can answer that question??

Are there coal mines located in the St. Charles, Stone Creek, and Keokee voting precincts - but NOT located in the remaining precincts? (That'd be Elydale, Ewing, Rose Hill, Blackwater, Flatwoods, N. Jonesville, S. Jonesville, Ben Hur, W. Pennington, Woodway, Stickleyville, Jasper, Seminary, Dryden, E. Pennington, and Robbins Chapel.)

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