Sunday, November 16, 2008

yep, snow on the mountain again

It is cold and overcast outside today, drizzling rain off and on. So, I didn't even step off my front porch to take today's "snow on the mountain again" photo.
Accordingly, there's a bunch of wires/cables in the forefront of the photo. Let's see, that's one for electricity, another for a phone, another for cable TV, and another for the fiberoptic Internet. Eventually, maybe it will down to just 1 for electricity and 1 for voice/TV/internet --- even in little Rose Hill, Virginia. They're working on that.

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Aleta said...

We envy you your snow! We don't receive as much as you guys do over the hill from us. I think the ridges break it up before it gets to us. Once in awhile we get lucky! My hubby and I are from up north (me from PA and he from upstate NY) and we LOVE snow!