Friday, February 1, 2008

Resident Tourist

I've lived here in Rose Hill for almost five years now, but I've yet to learn much of the backroads around here. It's beautiful everywhere around here, and I'd like to tour about these backroads a bit more, take some time to learn my way around in the vast countryside surrounding downtown Rose Hill. So I got myself a toy for Christmas... it's a scooter! Gets about 80 miles to the gallon! So now I feel that between my rugged off-road "two-wheeler" and now my road legal scooter, I can go tour around about anywhere! In spite of it being wintertime, I managed to put over 100 miles on that thing one day. Went plumb past Mulberry Gap over to Vardy! Yep, rode that thing right over Newmans Ridge. The scooter maxes out at about 8 mph going up the mountain and about 35 mph coming down the mountain. It's a great way to see the local countryside! You can take alot in at 8 mph! I was laughing about my scooter and "two-wheeler" adventures recently, and a nice "native" Rose Hill resident declared me to be a "resident tourist." haha! I liked that little phrase. Perhaps it's an apt description. This scooter was previously a rental scooter for tourists at a little resort down in the Great Smoky National Park. I think it likes going up and down mountains! haha! I think the scooter population in Rose Hill is up past 6 now. I wasn't the first one in Rose Hill running around town on a scooter, and I sure ain't the only one either. We'll have a scooter club and Saturday rentals running in town before too long. hehe!

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