Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Study suggests a Rose Hill hotel

There's an article in today's Kingsport Times News with the headline, "Study suggests Duffield, Rose Hill as possible sites for hotel." The article explains that Lenowisco Planning District Commission presented a report that may help spawn growth of hotels and motels in the western corner of the Commonwealth. The report explains that The Wilderness Road State Park (which is primarily comprised of a replica of the original Martins Station fort, which was located at the present-day Rose Hill), which opened in 1997, brought in 118,000 visitors in 2006. The park has averaged a annual 25% increase in visitor traffic since 2000. The park is now one of the region's fastest-growing attractions. Lenowisco's Senior Planner, Frank Kibler, explained that the study can be provided to developers to promote the construction of a hotel.

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